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Latest News

The final version of the Housing Needs Assessment has now been published. Click here to view.


The Puddletown Neighbourhood Plan is continuing to develop well. Two major pieces of work -  the Housing Needs Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment - must now be completed by outside agencies based on the ideas and work achieved by the survey, workshops and Design Forum. Click here for more information.



Our 'Call for Sites' letter has gone out. Click here to view.



Super turnout at the Community Café meeting last night. Thanks to all who came along to a very positive meeting. View the report here.



The café event has landed. The date for your diaries is 11th July at 6.15pm. View the invitation poster here.



The Design Forum planning is well underway and invites to attend will be out within the next month. This is an open event and while it will be held on week days we are trying to make it as easy as possible for people to join in. Something that has come out of our engagement to date is that a cafe is wanted. Currently the Puddletown Area Parish Council is looking at this and we will keep you posted.



Steering Group meeting this week agreed the approach leading up to writing of Draft Plan. A key part of this will be a three day Design Forum to be held in Sept/Oct this year. This will be run by Feria: and it will be open for all. Landowners/developers and local businesses will be invited to speak and the event is aimed at taking us into creating the Draft Plan. Minutes from meeting will be out next week.